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Why Toxin free soap is better for you….

Toxin Free Soaps are crucial for our health and wellbeing!

How many times a day do you lather Soap onto your skin? Between showering, handwashing and chores, it can be way more than you are aware of – think about that for a moment.

Unfortunately, most soaps are full of fragrance. It’s what makes them smell appealing. We also tend to associate certain scents with cleanliness. For example baby powder! But these fragrances are chemicals which can be toxic to our body!

Fragrance is a synthetic chemical

Fragrance is a lovely term that conjures up visions of flowers and fresh fields! But actually a term referred to Synthetic Chemicals causing allergies and other health problems.

Other chemicals

Soaps can also contain Triclosan, Formaldehyde, and harmful dyes and colours!

Triclosan is found in dishwashing detergents and can be an irritant to the skin , eyes and lungs. Some studies say it is harmful to thyroid function and the endocrine system.

Parabens are preservatives, which help extend the shelf life of the product. Other names for parabens are butylparaben, propylparaben and methylparaben. Some studies are linked to cell division and and breast cancer.

For more information on labelling and ingredients check out the EWG skin deep cosmetic database.

Next time you are shopping check the ingredients!

Soap is one of the most important products to switch over for natural solutions!, since every member of the family uses soap multiple times a day! And so simple!

Amity Soaps and Balms use Essential Oils for the aroma and is all Natural and actually beneficial to us!! And whilst keeping us clean!

I have spoken to so many people who say “we don’t use soap, its so old fashioned” – my questions to those people are…… how much do you spend?, do you know what is in your shower gel? So you refill or just throw away your plastic bottles? How many bottles per month do you buy? Can you judge how much you use each time? and how much slides straight off your hands down the plughole? Do you know the benefits of the ingredients?


” soap gives me rashes”… ummm well i think you can answer that yourself if you read the above! –

One gentleman at a fair said he only uses a particular make as it is for sensitive skin .... he didnt like strong smelling soap either, so i handed him a small Lavender Essential Oil soap and said just try and let me know how you get on......the rest is history...apart from he complained it doesn't lather well for shaving!  Upon reminding him it is a soap not shaving bar mentioned the properties of Lavender and i don't use chemicals so it won't lather , he is now my favourite customer who tells everyone at the fair how great my soap is and he doesnt get rashes any more!! He actually spends less on products as he doesn't need to buy cream for his rashes!! lol 

I do miss doing my weekly stall due to the lockdown.

My natural ingredients means there are no parabens or any harmful chemicals. Is high in glycerin, moisturising with coconut oil and every use the aroma doesn’t diminish! My biggest aim is the quality of the ingredients. Yes they need to look appealing too but first and foremost is what is in my soaps, and that my whole family can use them! If i won’t put it on my skin, then i won’t pass it on to my family or customers.

Visit my Page explaining more about Essential Oils.

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