Why Amity Soaps & Balms?

In this fast-paced world the big companies increasingly monopolise on everyday products like soaps and cosmetics. They depend on selling vast quantities and squeeze prices to drive demand. Quality is compromised in the process as cheaper manufacturing, necessary to protect their profits, leads big companies to compromise by producing products made with chemical substitutes.

Buying your soaps, essential oils and balms from me at Amity guarantees that the quality of what you put on your skin, and your family’s health is not compromised.

I personally make all Amity products from natural ingredients.

Each item is handmade and packaged using sustainably sourced natural materials.

Buying from Amity Soaps & Balms will satisfy customers who consider value for money and the use of natural ingredients to delight our most demanding senses.

Whether it’s to pamper yourself or you’re looking for a wonderful gift for someone special, choose from my range of eye-pleasing products that smell heavenly, are long lasting, and typically cost no more than inferior soaps from supermarkets.


Amity Soaps & Balms

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