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What an Essential Oil is

Essential Oils are extracted from Plants and sometimes Resins from trees. They are either steam distilled or the use of expression for producing Essential Oils. This has been a process from around 200 years.!

Specific plants are grown all over the world and different quantities of plants are used to produce the essential Oil. This is why all Oils are priced differently.

Its all very scientific and extremely amazing!

To survive in the environment in which the plant grows, it needs to stay healthy,by using 100’s of aromatic compounds to attract pollinators and ward off things like fungus, Viruses and Bacteria. Now, the Oils extracted from the plant are extremely concentrated which makes the Oils smell absolutely delightful. This is called the Aroma and contains the Therapeutic benefits that are unique to each plant.

These Unique Natural chemical compounds have properties that have Therapeutic, Physiological and Psychological effect. Which is brilliant for us Humans ( and sometimes pets depending on the quality or ‘grade’ of the Essential Oil).

These properties used in Aromatherapy can have uses such as Anti inflammatory, pain relieving, decongesting, anti bacterial, anti Viral and anti septic. They also can have amazing affect on Mood and can lift spirits and relieve anxiety for example, the list is too long for this page- Check out my page “Essential Oils i use in my Soaps and Balms” for more information. Or my ” Advice on how Essential Oils can benefit me” Page.

How the Brain and Body works using Essential Oils

Firstly inhaling an Essential Oil can be via diffuser, through steam, or simply a drop on your clothes, hanky or your palms and holding your palms to the face and inhaling. ………And my soap!!

When the aromatic Molecules travel up through the nose they bind to a receptor called the Oflactory recepter cells which very cleverly sends impulses to the Olfactory Bulb up in the front of the brain which then interprets the electrical impulses as a smell. It then goes through a process responding to the Essential Oils unique aroma and its unique properties!

Also when molecules are inhaled, as you know these go to our lungs via our bloodstream!!

I find this the facinating bit… Blood Cells.. these are what either keeps us healthy or unwell as they wiz around our body saying hello to all the other blood cells. This is brilliant when they are healthy blood cells. If for example you have a cold though these cells which are not so healthy spread their unhealthiness to other cells and if enough ‘spreading’ has happened this is when you feel really poorly. This is also why we need our immunity to help fight these unhealthy blood cells..

So Blood cells are made up with a fatty membrane around the outside. Bacteria sits outside this membrane. Viruses however will be on the inside of the cell. When anti biotics are prescribed they only kill the bacteria as anti biotics are water based and cannot get through the fatty membrane. Hence viruses are un touched by Anti biotics.. BUT Essential Oils on the other hand are Oil Based so they are absorbed through this fatty membrane and able to kill viruses like in the plant world!!!

Now this is the link with Essential Oils and blood cells and the body.

Ok, so you have a lovely Therapeutic massage somewhere on your body using Essential Oils mixed with a carrier Oil. You are inhaling this aromatic Oil and its being absorbed into the skin via miniscule molecules through the skin. So you are getting a double if not triple wammy, the brain as said before is enjoying the aroma and sending lovely messages to the rest of the body creating your mood- Psycholgically. The Oil is also being circulated around your body via your bloodstream as Essential Oils are absorbed through the membrane acting on the body’s system and is quite remarkably promoting all the benefits that they do!

We use carrier Oils to dilute the Essential Oil as they are extremely strong. But the carrier Oil also has its own amazing properties for the skin. Thats a whole other subject…. but the massive benefit to using an Essential Oil mixed with a carrier Oil is the carrier oil lasts longer on the skin, thats why they say dont shower off after a massage as both oils can do their bit over a longer period of time.

When Using my Balms, they act in the same way only the beeswax helps to protect the skin from the elements, whilst the other Oils nourish and soothe with the added bonus of Essential Oils benefits!!!

How long does it take for the Essential Oil to affect the body? Well scientists say it can take 10 to 20 minutes for you to feel the benefit. Everyone is different. I find this to be true for myself.

Where you can massage on your body without a full massage… Hands and especially feet are a great way to apply to yourself and to feel the benefits.

Touch is a massive form of bonding for humans and massage for example your child’s hands can have amazing results in so many ways!

So by now you get the gist of Essential Oils and why I use them in my Soaps and Balms?!

Visit my Essential Oils I use in my Soaps and Balms – page – and see the benefits each Essential Oil has!!

There are so many ways in which Essential Oils can be used as an Holistic alternative to pharmceutical medicines. ( disclaimer- check with your doctor and i do not recommend you stop taking medication)

I am happy to speak to you personally, advise on which Oils do what and how they can help you.

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( I am no scientist and this is information I have learnt over time)

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